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Memorial Day episodes

So, Memorial Day. While the whole series is totally appropriate for the day, are there any episodes in particular that you like to get out on Memorial Day and/or feel are the most poignant and powerful ones for watching today?

Kirby gifs

This tumblr has quite a few Kirby gifs. (:

and more ----> http://cadsnwhores.tumblr.com/tagged/Combat


Garrison's Gorillas?

So, Garrison's Gorillas, the spin-off from Combat! Love it or hate it?

Me, I'm not sure what to make of it. I find the concept rather off-the-wall and, as far as I can tell from trying to look into things, not historically accurate. And I thought Combat! tried to be historically accurate ... well, aside from the invasion of France being never-ending, haha. ;)

I haven't seen the Combat! episode that spun this show off, but for me I scratch my head and wonder how they make a good match. I have seen a couple of Garrison's Gorillas episodes, as I chased down a couple of guest-stars I love. And I do like someone in the main cast of the show from seeing him in other roles (Christopher Cary), so I might watch more of it.
Well, I made good on my determination to start a fanfic based around the season 4 episode Counterplay. I was writing it for a prompt at 31_days, but I didn't get it all done. I posted what I have, since today is the day that prompt is due, and thought I'd stick it over here too, if anyone is interested.

One big thing I'm wondering: Am I doing okay with Doc? I've never written for any of these characters before, and before I get too far into it, I'd like to be sure I've caught Doc's voice. :) My doubt over that caused me to stall for a while.

Title: Visions of Crimson, Part 1 of ?
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Um ... some violence and blood, but nothing not seen or talked about on the show, I imagine
Summary: Sgt. Rawlings was shot and supposedly killed during the mission in Counterplay, and Sgt. Saunders and the others had to leave him and move on. But Rawlings is not dead, and now he and Doc are going to end up in a strange situation of their own as they try to return to headquarters....

Story and picCollapse )


Finally, I have something to contribute. Although it's more about a guest-star/guest character than the main cast....

So I watched Counterplay on MeTV early this morning. I've had my eye on the episode for a while, and have dreaded it despite wanting to see it, as I knew about one character death that would break my heart.

(Cut in case the picture is too big, as well as in case anyone else hasn't seen the episode and doesn't want spoilers.)

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Has anyone else ever wanted to write about some of the excellent guest-starring characters in episodes? That wouldn't surprise me, but it would probably surprise me if anyone else wanted to write about one who didn't have much screentime!

Fandom scarves

Scarves for profiles or tumblr. I can't recall who made the original base codes, sorry! Feel free to modify colors, widths, or text. (:







Combat! on MeTV

For those of you who get MeTV in your area and are interested, this Sunday's Showcase is a mini-marathon of Combat!. Their Showcases are usually pretty fun to watch since they include little bits of trivia at each commercial break.
Combat! also plays six days a week on that channel. (:

News: 50th anniversary DVD

For the 50th anniversary of Combat! the studio is releasing a collection of twenty episodes (also released in the season sets/battle box).

I found a bunch of good pics although two sets don't have any of the guys reading I thought they worked just fine. Enjoy!
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Here's a set of banners with Saunders. If I ever find some good pics of the other guys reading then I'll be happy to do something with them.